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Ways to support our efforts

We are a 501c3 organization! Our goal is to have available finances all year long through various sources to help our friends and neighbors and keep our events and programs funded. We like to think ourselves as an "Evergreen non-profit".  See ways to support our efforts below.

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In Kind donations

We put together Encouragement bags for our clients.Each bag is geared toward families and individuals (including teens) who need some extra encouragement and compassion to see them through their hardship. Sweet Start Ministries partners with local non-profit organizations and community leaders to distribute to those in need. A few of our clients are, Salvation Army, The Grace Period and Cardinal Ritter Senior services. we are looking to partner with more!


The bags we give look a little different for each person. Here are some items to donate

Books that help inspire and encourage
Journal (blank or gratitude / affirmation)
Hot Cocoa Packet /Stash teas
Mugs (with inspirational quote)
Stress ball
Self-care items
Kraft bags (8x10)
Tissue paper
Blank note cards
Gently used lunch bags, purses or totes
Adult coloring books with Gel pens 

 If you are interested in donating please email us for a drop off location!

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Dollar Notes
Dollar Bills

Share a gift today

A little goes a long way! Your generosity of $1.00 or more will assist us in carrying out the mission of helping to lift the hearts of our friends and neighbors that need encouragement. 

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