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Updated: Jan 8

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where just couldn't go another moment? It just feels as if you are tired and want to quit? I sure have!

I attended a one day seminar and the information was so good! It was a leadership seminar, one of the speakers said something that resonated in my spirit. It was one simple word, "depleted". He began to tell a story about a conversation he and a friend had. He (Sam) had confessed to a friend (Davey) that he was tired, the friend then replied that he (Sam) wasn't tired but instead "depleted". I thought to myself "WOW" how's that for a lightbulb going off in your head!

That little word spoke volumes to me. I realized I wasn't tired I was just depleted. I had to look up the word so that I could truly understand.

Depleted- use up the supply or resource of, drain

I was drained, severely! I had been pouring out daily on my children, my husband, my groups and organizations and in return not being replenished.

My spiritual meter was high which it what kept me going but my fun o' meter was in the negative. I needed to take time for me and do things that would replenish and refuel me.

It's so wonderful to know that God cares for me enough to send me a word that enlightened my path to fix the depletion in my life. Where is your fun o' meter at? Do you think maybe it's time to refuel?

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