We have a two part mission. We bring awareness that loving ourselves and others is  what we do not just what we say. We are also the support system that helps to encourage families and individuals going through a difficult space in life as we address the areas of spiritual, mental, emotional, financial and tangible needs.

Serious Family

Needing help and not knowing how to get it is hard enough, but needing help and being told that you don't qualify for help is very frustrating. We've been there and know what that feels like. It's like being stuck in the twilight zone. Politely put, it's called the "grey area". When families and individuals find themselves here, discouragement is not far behind. We started this ministry to help encourage others during these rough patches in life. Situations can wear on us emotionally and mentally when we're trying to keep things from falling completely apart. One of the areas that falls first is our ability to remain encouraged. When multiple doors are closed and it feels that we have no way out, staying optimistic starts to fade quickly. Our goal is to offer support spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially and tangibly to families and individuals.