Who We Are

Sweet Start Ministries is an organization that has a two fold mission. Our mission is to help individuals and families stay encouraged as they experience housing displacement, food insufficiencies, financial strain and difficult times in life. Our other mission is to help people see their value and love themselves so they can love others.

Our goal is to walk with individuals and families to help keep them encouraged until they come out on the other side of the struggle successfully. During our journey with them, we plan to address their emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and financial needs. Our plan is to partner with organizations that have services to help in these areas. We also plan to offer events and programs that help uplift the heart and give hope for better days.

In addition. we also started "Love is an Action movement". This movement was started to remind everyone that love is an action, not just a word. It is up to us to be kind to one another and remember what loves definition is. More information coming soon.

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